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One day, Yuka - Yuzuru's mother-in-law suddenly came and asked to stay. It turned out that a friend of Yuka's suggested that she become an underwear model. All her life she has lived for her husband and children, so she also wanted to do something for herself. Of course Yuka's husband objected strongly, she also got angry and left, going to her daughter's house in Tokyo to ask for a place to stay. Because they wanted their mother to feel less hot, Yuzuru and her husband asked her to stay for a week, during which time they would think of ways to soothe her. And that night, Yuzuru wanted to go to the bathroom. While going, he saw a light coming from his mother-in-law's room. It turned out that mom was trying on underwear, ravishingly sexy underwear. Yuzuru couldn't control himself and without realizing it, he put his hand inside his pants. Yuka also discovered that. The next day, she proactively asked Yuzuru to take a photo of herself wearing underwear to send to her friend. Looking at the beautiful mother-in-law wearing extremely lewd lingerie right before her eyes made Yuzuru unable to bear it any longer! He rushed forward to touch and kiss his mother's entire body. At first Yuka also objected, but the feeling of stimulation, as well as her son-in-law's skillful technique, awakened a long-buried desire within her. It's been a long time since she's been treated like "a woman", Yuka ignores everything, she just wants to be immersed in sex with Yuzuru during her one week stay here...


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 Movie Studio: Madonna 

 Actor: Yuka Mizuno 

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